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#2 – Transition

I write this blog post as I start my application process for my Swiss Visa. 3 months ago I drove my little old yellow car from the Black sea coast of Romania to Burtigny, Switzerland. That day, as I crossed the border, I felt a pop and burst of emotion — I’d made it to Switzerland. Partly because my car had actually made the 2,700-kilometre drive (my mechanic friends

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What would you like me to cover here?

Who me? A leader! blogs, articles and recommendations are here to help equip, encourage and answer your questions about leadership development and deepening your relationship with God. To give you something to ponder or surprise you with new information... So you're invited to use the Forums to: Ask Patience or What do you think about... to leave your comments and suggestions. Or if you have a question you'd prefer

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Why this title, this site?

Who me? a leader! God sometimes surprises us when He chooses to speak about something big. While at a big worship event in Scotland, enjoying worshipping with some of my worship leader hero's when suddenly I saw a young woman standing in front of me. (She wasn't literally in front of me but as a vision in my mind). Her leader was asking her if she would be up

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