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#9 What is the most important thing to develop to become a great leader?

All quality leadership books have character as a critical factor in answering the popular question of how do I become a great leader? For me, it is thee most important area to develop. But it’s not a quick to-do list item we can quickly tick off as completed. It takes a lifetime of intentionality and consciously choosing to walk in to become a person with quality character. So what

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#8 How can we be less stressed?

I don’t know about you, but there are seasons in my life where I feel quite stressed and I find myself praying - "Lord how can I reduce my stress levels?" Right now is one of those seasons - launching this website, preparing for new students to join our Basic Leadership program as well as revamping said program is making my days very full. There are times, even this

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Culture of Honor – May’s book of the month

My book recommendation for May is Danny Silk’s Book Culture of Honor - Sustaining a supernatural environment. The book explores how Danny and the Bethel leadership created their environment of “creating a culture that hosts the presence of God,” which they call a culture of honour. Where they see this key foundational value helped shape what Bethel Church is today. Danny Silk is part of the pastoral team of

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YWAM – Youth With A Mission

You can't read too many things on this site without coming across the abbreviation YWAM. So what is YWAM, and why do I work with them? Click here for a 65-second introduction Youth With A Mission was started back in 1960 when a young man, Loren Cunningham had a vision of waves of young people covering the earth bringing the gospel of Jesus. Its main vision is To Know God

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