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Running with Giants by John Maxwell – February’s book

My book recommendation for February is John Maxwell’s book. Running with Giants - What Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know about Life and Leadership. My edition of the book is from 2002; the audio version came out in 2005. It was then republished in 2008 when Kindle and ebook versions were also released. I enjoy Maxwell’s little books, i.e. A5 size. Short, punchy chapters that I can read quickly

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ELLC – European Leaders Learning Community

My website recommendation for February is YWAM's ELLC - European Leaders Learning Community. I am thrilled to share this website with you as I know many of the leaders involved and the many resources it already has. ELLC is aimed mainly at YWAM'ers in Europe, but the wealth of wisdom and knowledge in the area of leadership and beyond is highly valuable to anyone wanting to develop their leadership

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#16 9 things to stop Covid from stealing more of 2021

2021-a new year with new hopes of a vaccine to help stop Covid from limiting our lives as much as it did in 2020. We've put many things in our life on hold again as the 2nd wave of Covid hit in autumn last year. We hoped it wouldn’t be for too much longer as vaccines were slowly starting to roll out worldwide. But with production delays in Europe and

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#15 What does it mean to take responsibility?

When we turn 18, we become an adult and thus in the eyes of the law we are responsible for ourselves. Yes, we probably still live with our parents and in full-time education. But it's the start of us taking ownership and responsibility for ourselves as an adult. And then what does responsibility as the leader mean? Many of us start the process of gaining our independence at a

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