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#18 Things to consider when preparing to lead a bible study. Part 1 – Context, purpose and the leader’s role.

Many of us have been part of bible study groups or have been one of the sections we did at youth group. But what are the things we have to consider when preparing to lead a bible study?   What have we actually been asked to lead? Most groups have other parts to the group time together. How you welcome and start off your time together. How much social,

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Book of the month – Friend Raising by Betty Barnett

My book recommendation for March is Betty Barnett's book - Friend Raising: Building a missionary support team that lasts Friend Raising was first published in 1991, 1996 and revised in 2003. In 2021, the kindle version was released. The Relational Fundraising website also recommends this book. I know many people who have thought about becoming a full-time missionary. Sadly one of the reasons they didn't do it was the fear of switching

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#17 Integrity and online dating, are they compatible?

And as a leader, is it important? As a leader, our level of integrity is essential. Our words and actions need to be aligned. But they also need to match who we are on the inside. Otherwise, we are, on some levels, fake. On valentines weekend, I decided to give online dating another try. It's a new year; I'm a healthy ‘new’ me again, so why not see who's

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March’s Website – Relational Fundraising

The website's owner, creator of Relational Fundraising in an amazing woman Terry Sherman. Terry has been a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1982. YWAM requires all participants and staff to financially and prayerfully support themselves. The resources, wisdom, and encouragement found in Relational Fundraising come from Terry's years of experience on the mission field. She's met a lot of young people struggling and thriving to follow

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