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#32 How can we show grace when it hurts?

Recently I had the opportunity to show/ give grace to people in situations where I would have partly been totally justified to say no, enough. But it's painful and they need to feel my pain! So how can we show grace when it hurts amid our pain response to someone else's decisions? What is grace? To describe grace, I would say it's receiving something we don't deserve/haven't earned. Or

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The Bible Project new App

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, with their ever-growing fantastically creatively gifted team, continue to bless us with more excellent resources. Therefore I can now highly recommend The Bible Project's new App. At the start of this year, they launched The Bible Project App. And with it a modern way of reading the bible using the original structure. So my friend Debbie decided to gather a group of us to

#31 Sadness and joy – can they live in partnership?

As you may or may not know, I experienced great sadness and shock on Boxing-day morning. When I found out that my Dad had died from a heart attack. This may not have been as much of a surprise to medically minded people as it was to my sister and I. My Dad - Archie Marshall, was 82 and had several health issues. But the finality of death means

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