My book recommendation for April is Bruce Wilkinson’s book – The Dream Giver.

I read it when it first came out in 2003 (which I know some of you weren’t born yet, sigh).

It was such a great book for me at that time because I was nervously praying about moving to India.

Over the years I’ve leant this book to several friends and fellow disciples as a book to help them process their dreams and visions which seem so big and out of reach. I’ve often looked at it when it has been on my bookshelf with comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father doesn’t give us a dream without fully committing all of Himself and His resources to help us bring that dream into reality.

I love how the book is dedicated

“This book is for anyone who has ever hoped or believed they could achieve something remarkable with their lives.”

It’s an allegory or modern parable about a Nobody called Ordinary. He lives in the Land of Familiar and one day decided to leave, to go on a journey to pursue his Big Dream. As he travels he has to overcome many obstacles of people and places to finally reach and meet the Dream Giver.

When I pulled my copy out today, I noticed some bumps under the cover sleeve. Paper clips, keeping the first few pages hidden away. Behind those were many post-it note’s I’d saved for myself (away from borrowers prying eyes) of my thoughts and contemplations while reading the book. Reminders of my questions and processes with God, little prayers asking for forgiveness of things I’ve done just like Ordinary. Notes about what my ‘Big Dreams’ back then – wow – and how far I’ve come to where I am today. But some of my bullet points I see are very much still part of my vision statement today. This book helped lay those solid foundations.

So, if you have even just the inkling of an idea – get this book – it will help you process and move past just thinking, dreaming to gain an understanding of the journey ahead and courage to step out and take it.

There are now a host of resources to help you work through this book including a study guide, video series and leaders kit. Click here to open to Bruce Wilkinson’s resources.