I enjoy many of John Ortberg’s books. But this one – the me I want to be – is particularly dear to my heart as it focuses’ on us becoming more of who God has created us to be – especially as individuals.

For us to become better leaders – we need to understand and be comfortable with who we are as unique individuals. Ortberg’s book takes us through many of the areas we need to examine as to what makes us us, how we interact with God and the world around us. John encourages us to go deeper with God – to ask the uncomfortable questions, so we discover more of who God is and ourselves. He shares the common pitfalls of our strengths and weakness and calls us to partner with God in bringing kingdom transformation into our whole self.

Too few books out there encourage us to really partner with the Holy Spirit and see where He wants to lead us in our regular lives. To come alive in prayer and highlight potential areas of sin because they are linked to your passions.

“The goal of prayer is to live all of my life and speak all of my words in the joyful awareness of the presence of God.”

Dare to be entirely real, honest and open with God – it’s not a thing to fear but embrace as then you can go deeper with God and receive more of His love and goodness. Who wouldn’t want that?

John also recommends other great books to help you understand more of who you are and how you grow – but I’m not going to list them here – read and find out 🙂

I love the last chapter – “Ask for a Mountain” challenging us to think bigger, dare to ask for something we can’t do by ourselves but totally possible with God.

So get a copy of this book – then read it, with a prayer of “Father help me to see me through your eyes, so I can become the person you created me to be.”
My advice, don’t read this book like any other novel. Take it as conversations of topics to discuss with God on every aspect of your life; your hopes, dreams and humanness. Asking how can I apply it to my life today? Why, because this book will help you “become God’s best version of you” – if you let God into all of that transformational process.

There is even a Participant’s Guide to help you get the most out of this quality book by yourself. Or for groups or churches a Curriculum Kit which includes DVD, getting started guide, participants guide and of course the book.

Check out www.johnortberg.com for all his books, resources & blog 🙂