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Book Recommendation – Values Matter by Darlene Cunningham

For anyone out there who hates to read actual books—you're missing out by not reading this one. Values Matter, By Darlene Cunningham. It is a book I've been waiting to read and review for 6 months now, mostly so I could go through it together with my BLP students.  Why was Values Matter needed to be written? YWAM - Youth With A Mission isn't just a Christian missions organisation.

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ESV Journaling Bible & Rooted: Bible in a Year – books for the month

My book recommendation for July is actually 2 books because one helps me with the other. I can't believe I haven't already recommended for you to read the Bible! Thee most important book for all Christians to be reading regularly, if not daily. I have chosen the ESV Journaling Bible to recommend to you as this is the one I've recently bought. The other book (journal) is called Rooted: Bible in a

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Is that really you, God? by Loren Cunningham

My book recommendation for June is Loren Cunningham’s book - Is That Really You, GOD? I have chosen this book because it perfectly fits in with the theme of my recent blog posts about hearing God’s voice. The bi-line for the book is “Hearing the Voice of God”. This book has several excellent layers to it. Loren loves stories and wanted to record how Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

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An Introduction to the Old Testament Template by Landa Cope

May’s Book Recommendation is Landa Cope’s An Introduction to The Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God’s Principles for Discipling Nations. Last week I became a student again as I joined a modular school of Advanced Principles of Communication. (APC) One of our required reading books at the start is this book of Landa’s. It was defiantly not what I thought when just looking at the book cover. To quickly sum

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Book of the month – Friend Raising by Betty Barnett

My book recommendation for March is Betty Barnett's book - Friend Raising: Building a missionary support team that lasts Friend Raising was first published in 1991, 1996 and revised in 2003. In 2021, the kindle version was released. The Relational Fundraising website also recommends this book. I know many people who have thought about becoming a full-time missionary. Sadly one of the reasons they didn't do it was the fear of switching

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Running with Giants by John Maxwell – February’s book

My book recommendation for February is John Maxwell’s book. Running with Giants - What Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know about Life and Leadership. My edition of the book is from 2002; the audio version came out in 2005. It was then republished in 2008 when Kindle and ebook versions were also released. I enjoy Maxwell’s little books, i.e. A5 size. Short, punchy chapters that I can read quickly

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August’s book of the month – the me I want to be – by John Ortberg

I enjoy many of John Ortberg’s books. But this one - the me I want to be - is particularly dear to my heart as it focuses’ on us becoming more of who God has created us to be - especially as individuals. For us to become better leaders - we need to understand and be comfortable with who we are as unique individuals. Ortberg’s book takes us through

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The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

"So what's your love language?" This may be a strange question to hear someone ask you if you're not familiar with Gary Chapman's books on The 5 Love Languages. If that's the case, then my book recommendation for July is especially relevant. We all need and want to be loved in ways that are meaningful for us. Not just in a sexual way but also by our family and

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21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell

My book recommendation for June is John Maxwell's 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. I have used this book with several small groups I was giving leadership training/ mentoring to, which each group has loved. I've just started it with my new BLP (Basic Leadership Practicum) students, and they also are looking forward to the times we look at another chapter. What makes it so successful in doing with

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Culture of Honor – May’s book of the month

My book recommendation for May is Danny Silk’s Book Culture of Honor - Sustaining a supernatural environment. The book explores how Danny and the Bethel leadership created their environment of “creating a culture that hosts the presence of God,” which they call a culture of honour. Where they see this key foundational value helped shape what Bethel Church is today. Danny Silk is part of the pastoral team of

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