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Who I am in Christ

So who am I in Christ? It's perhaps a question we don't often consciously ask ourselves. But if we knew our true identity in Christ, we would live differently. How we look, value, and treat ourselves or others or even God stems from what we believe about ourselves and God. You may know I've started using Social Media a whole lot more. So I can share my thoughts with

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What to do when you think your leader is wrong

All leaders are people, therefore not perfect. Only God is perfect. Depending on where a leader is in their personal journey will affect how they deal with and respond to situations. But the question for today is what to do when YOU think your leader(s) are wrong. I'm sure many of us have had a similar experience at some point where a leader has come in, quickly shared what's

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Fruitfulness from pausing to reflect and apply

As we begin a new year with our Basic leadership students, I’ve been taking them through a series of discussions and reflections to help them get the most out of this past year. In order to then plan how to make this coming year intentionally fruitful. Some of us are great a remembering the past, others being present in today and others regularly dreaming about tomorrow. All three are

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10 Hindrances to hearing God’s voice

People often ask me, “How can I hear God’s voice?” or “I used to hear God’s voice, but now I’m struggling, what can I do to hear His voice again?” The truth is we can hear God’s voice because He wants a relationship with us much more than we want with Him. The best way to build a relationship is to listen & talk. God is a master

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