So who am I in Christ?

It’s perhaps a question we don’t often consciously ask ourselves. But if we knew our true identity in Christ, we would live differently.

How we look, value, and treat ourselves or others or even God stems from what we believe about ourselves and God.

You may know I’ve started using Social Media a whole lot more. So I can share my thoughts with more people (who’ve not found this website yet). But also to use a different medium than just written text.

This whole them of identity – who we are in Christ is one that I’ve been pondering for quite some time. It will be a chapter in my book. But it’s also a subject I’m exploring with some leadership students soon too.

I’ve had a resource sheet for quite some time, but I wanted to polish it, and translate it into French, so I could use it for my BLP students. I’ve finally found the time to do this.

Attached here is the downloadable PDF of 74 statements of Who I am in Christ.


I’d recommend

Praying to invite God to help you process these with Him.

Then read them out loud. Yes, out loud, so you hear yourself say them. Some of them you’ll find easy to say; others will be harder, even emotional. This is because they are truth. Biblical, Godly truth. And the Holy Spirit within you will help you recognise the ones that you need to hear right now.

If you struggle with some or get emotional over them, mark it. It’s a sign that you need to spend time talking with God about why it’s touching something within you. Look up and then read out the full verse, perhaps the whole paragraph so you get the full context.

One reason you might be struggling with it, is because you actually believe something different. You believe a distorted lie that the enemy (the devil) has influenced you to believe instead. Why? Because the devil doesn’t want you to know the full truth behind how you actually are in Christ. Jesus died so that we would live and be fully reconciled with our heavenly Father. We become children to God, spiritually alive and co-heirs with Christ.

When we understand and believe our full identity in Christ – we will live differently. We will be free’er, confident in who we are, stronger and at peace.


Cinderella and her sisters

Tom Bloomer wrote a fantastic book about our identity, authority and inheritance called Cinderella and her sisters. I’d highly recommend reading this book too. To know more about this – check out my recommendation post: Cinderella and her Sisters – March’s book of the Month.

“And one of the saddest parts of this story is this: the servant girl accepted the lie. Even though deep in her heart she had believed that she could have a place in the palace, she shook her head with a sigh and chose to believe again, the oft- repeated lie that she was only a servant – a slave, really.”

[page 3,4 from Cinderella and her sisters]

Social media posts

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