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The Most Misunderstood women of the bible by Mary DeMuth

This book is now available! So I can finally tell you how much I love this book and thus highly recommend you read it. Overview of the book Each chapter takes a look at 10 different women. For example Eve, Leh, Rahab, Naomi and Tamar. Each woman has a different area of misunderstanding which Mary brings out beautifully. There are different parts to each chapter. The woman's story. Mary

The Bible Project new App

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, with their ever-growing fantastically creatively gifted team, continue to bless us with more excellent resources. Therefore I can now highly recommend The Bible Project's new App. At the start of this year, they launched The Bible Project App. And with it a modern way of reading the bible using the original structure. So my friend Debbie decided to gather a group of us to – my website recommendation for July

My website recommendation for July is I thought I would partner my book recommendation of the month with my go-to bible website. I use BibleGateway regularly, especially when I'm trying to reference a phrase I'm thinking about and see how particular verses are different in other bible translations. What does BibleGateway have on their website: Read the bible.  Reading Plans - There are many different options provided of who

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ESV Journaling Bible & Rooted: Bible in a Year – books for the month

My book recommendation for July is actually 2 books because one helps me with the other. I can't believe I haven't already recommended for you to read the Bible! Thee most important book for all Christians to be reading regularly, if not daily. I have chosen the ESV Journaling Bible to recommend to you as this is the one I've recently bought. The other book (journal) is called Rooted: Bible in a

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An Introduction to the Old Testament Template by Landa Cope

May’s Book Recommendation is Landa Cope’s An Introduction to The Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God’s Principles for Discipling Nations. Last week I became a student again as I joined a modular school of Advanced Principles of Communication. (APC) One of our required reading books at the start is this book of Landa’s. It was defiantly not what I thought when just looking at the book cover. To quickly sum

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#19 Things to consider when preparing to lead a bible study. Part 2 – The seven parts to a bible study.

Last week, we looked at the outside aspects to consider when preparing to lead a bible study. The group context, your role as the leader and the possible purposes of a bible study. When you’re the one leading the bible study - there is more to think about than just reading the passage and discussing it, hoping to have a quick thought to take away and end with a short

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#18 Things to consider when preparing to lead a bible study. Part 1 – Context, purpose and the leader’s role.

Many of us have been part of bible study groups or have been one of the sections we did at youth group. But what are the things we have to consider when preparing to lead a bible study?   What have we actually been asked to lead? Most groups have other parts to the group time together. How you welcome and start off your time together. How much social,

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#14 The Inductive Bible Study Method

Many of us have a prefered way we study the bible. Others aren’t too sure of how to study the bible apart from reading a section or chapter and praying that God would show us more of Himself through it. Today I’d like to share with you a method which will take you longer than the average, but the amount you get out of it is worth the time

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