#31 Sadness and joy – can they live in partnership?

As you may or may not know, I experienced great sadness and shock on Boxing-day morning. When I found out that my Dad had died from a heart attack. This may not have been as much of a surprise to medically minded people as it was to my sister and I. My Dad - Archie Marshall, was 82 and had several health issues. But the finality of death means

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#27 Can leaders care too much?

I used to think the answer to this was no—no way! Leaders need to care, have compassion… But over this year, I'm learning that the wiser answer to this question - can leaders care too much, is YES, in particular ways we can. Here's why. If you don't know, I lead a part-time Basic Leadership Practicum (BLP) school in YWAM Burtigny. It's a 2-year school with students (aged 18

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