#37 Why knowing our true identity is so important

As you may know, I started this website and blog as part of my expression to obey what God has asked me to do—to help encourage and equip new leaders and their local leaders. Here, I share topics God has put on my heart whilst working on my first book in this Who me a leader series. This book looks at being a leader from the inside out. The

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Who I am in Christ

So who am I in Christ? It's perhaps a question we don't often consciously ask ourselves. But if we knew our true identity in Christ, we would live differently. How we look, value, and treat ourselves or others or even God stems from what we believe about ourselves and God. You may know I've started using Social Media a whole lot more. So I can share my thoughts with

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My website recommendation for April is Created by NERIS Type Explorer, who are passionate about helping us learn what drives, inspires and worries different personality types to build more meaningful relationships. Many of us may be familiar with the older form of four-letter personality type descriptions used by Myers Briggs. Still, we may not have taken their official test as it is a paid product done only with trained

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August’s book of the month – the me I want to be – by John Ortberg

I enjoy many of John Ortberg’s books. But this one - the me I want to be - is particularly dear to my heart as it focuses’ on us becoming more of who God has created us to be - especially as individuals. For us to become better leaders - we need to understand and be comfortable with who we are as unique individuals. Ortberg’s book takes us through

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Cinderella and her Sisters – March’s book of the Month

Cinderella And Her Sisters by Tom Bloomer is my book recommendation for March. Tom is a man who contemplates deeply with God bringing golden wisdom to whatever he's taken the time to ponder on. This book shares several biblical stories to help us explore our true identity in God as well as the authority and inheritance we have as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father. All of us,

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