My website recommendation for August is One Thing Alone Ministries.
Created by Asheritah Ciuciu, whose passion is to help everyone, especially women, find their joy in Jesus.

“Whatever you do today, make time with Jesus your one thing alone.”

My most important relationship in life is that with my Heavenly Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have encouraged many of you to go deeper in your personal relationship with Him too. Asheritah’s website is a fantastic resource to help you do just that.

There aren’t many websites that exude joy, welcoming and love as much as One Thing Alone. From the first click, you’re met with warmth, acceptance and encouragement. That no matter how busy your life is and how possibly ashamed you feel for not spending daily time with God – it’s ok and possible.

Asheritah has fantastic relevant video’s, blogs and practical help to make having alone time with God each day not only possible but refreshing. She takes things to the next step by inviting you to go deeper in practical ways too through Bible Studies, Prayer and Creative Devos (devotionals). Again making it practical with thoughtful help to figure out how you can be successful in creating your own Quiet Time routine. You can even download your free guide to cultivate consistent Quiet Time with Jesus resource.

Alongside the website are Asheritah’s books – yes she has several, some excellent devotionals, but others are about food. Helping us have a healthy relationship with food and even “Bible and Breakfast” devotional. I’m enjoying seeing Asheritah’s writing gift grow over these past few years as she adds to more resources for us to enjoy in areas and seasons meaningful to us all.

Guys may not like this site as it’s clearly targeted for women – but there are precious truths and wisdom found in these site pages that any man can also get a lot of fruit from.

Hopefully, this recommendation has kindled your interest enough to go check it out – One Thing Alone is an exhortation for us all to make our personal time with God not just possible but a priority in our busy lives.
Thanks Asheritah

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