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One day at a worship festival, God gave me a vision of a leader asking an older teen if they would like to come help lead (something). As she stood there, knees shaking, she replied “Who me? A leader!” Then God said to me, “Patience, I want you to help them.”

This website is part of my response to God’s request.

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Feature Article

Who I am in Christ

So who am I in Christ? It's perhaps a question we don't often consciously ask ourselves. But if we knew our true identity in Christ, we would live differently. How we look, value, and treat ourselves or others or even God stems from what we believe about ourselves and God. You may know I've started using Social Media a whole lot more. So I can share my thoughts with more people (who've not found this website yet). But also to use a different medium than just written text. This whole them of identity - who we are in Christ is one that I've been pondering for quite some time. It will be a chapter in my book. But it's also a subject I'm exploring with some leadership students soon too. I've had a resource sheet for quite some time, but I wanted to polish it, and translate it into French,

#38 Advent 2022

The Christmas season is here again. Whether we've been eagerly counting down the days or surprised by the sudden appearance of Christmas trees in stores. This year I wanted to

#36 Commitment

I've just come back from my niece-in-law's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend full of different gatherings so both sides of the family and friends could meet one another. Although

The Most Misunderstood women of the bible by Mary DeMuth

This book is now available! So I can finally tell you how much I love this book and thus highly recommend you read it. Overview of the book Each chapter takes a look at 10 different women. For example Eve, Leh, Rahab, Naomi and Tamar. Each woman has a different area of misunderstanding which Mary brings out beautifully. There are different parts to each chapter. The woman's story. Mary brings to life the highlighted women. Through her masterful storytelling, we can see, feel and understand the heart and thoughts of each woman in glorious heartfelt detail. Biblical Narrative & context

The Bible Project new App

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, with their ever-growing fantastically creatively gifted team, continue to bless us with more excellent resources. Therefore I can now highly recommend The Bible Project’s new App.

At the start of this year, they launched The Bible Project App. And with it a modern way of reading the bible using the original structure. So my friend Debbie decided to gather a group of us to join her in using this new tool to be our way of reading / journeying through the entire bible this year. Which is an answer to prayer for me.

Why Who me? A leader!

Why this title, this site?

Who me? a leader!

God sometimes surprises us when He chooses to speak about something big. While at a big worship event in Scotland, enjoying worshipping with some of my worship leader hero’s when suddenly I saw a young woman standing in front of me. (She wasn’t literally in

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