Who me? a leader!

God sometimes surprises us when He chooses to speak about something big. While at a big worship event in Scotland, enjoying worshipping with some of my worship leader hero’s when suddenly I saw a young woman standing in front of me. (She wasn’t literally in front of me but as a vision in my mind). Her leader was asking her if she would be up for coming to help lead something. Her reaction was to gasp, gulp and with knees trembling replied, “Who me? A Leader!”

As I watched this scene, I heard God say to me, “I want you to write a book for them, to help them.”

My honest response was to try not to laugh. You see my writing ability has never been described as skilful. In fact, if you were to list all the careers I could do in life, a writer would be near the bottom. But I knew God was serious knowing He has way more faith in my abilities than me. So I said, “yes but, we’ve got a lot of things to sort out in my life first”.

Over the years, I’ve prayed and written some, but the timing was never quite right. A year ago, God started to bring other writers into my life. Then I heard about an Author’s Training School and felt the timing was scarily right for me to begin writing with the intent of actually publishing. But not only one stand-alone book, but to make it part of an interactive website to go beyond static pages but an organic growing resource hub. This blog, website and coming book are part of this vision becoming a reality.

My heart has always been to help people have that “ah” moment. When they realise or achieve something that enables them to not only own it but also run with it. From spelling a word correctly, to hearing God’s voice to figuring out what they love doing.

The woman in my vision’s “Ah” wasn’t a good one but had some fear or overwhelming emotion attached. Why is that such a common response? Why is the thought of stepping into leadership, followed by the rush of adrenaline? It’s not like we’re being asked to suddenly walk out on stage and give an inspiriting speech to thousands or being asked to solve a huge problem. That also wasn’t what her leader was asking or expecting from her. It was probably to simply come and co-lead a small group or help with the kids club. A reasonable, natural step up into something with a little more responsibility.

I’ve said “yes” to things in the past with a little relief at finally being wanted, recognised that I could do more. But then when it came to the day I was to stand/ start, I felt that rush of adrenaline and dread and wondered why on earth I let myself say yes when I should have said “NO.”

But all we need is a little encouragement, a word from a friend or leader saying “I believe in you, you can do this.” And maybe you say to yourself, that you’re going to get through this somehow as time passes and it will end. Then, when it’s over, no one has died, it didn’t go as badly as you imagined and hopefully, someone will say, “thanks” or, “great job”. Then after several more similar experiences, you start to enjoy seeing others appreciate what you’ve shared and so your comfort zone has grown.

But, (as there’s always a but). You know there is so much more you don’t know and have a hundred “what if…’s?” running through your mind. You want to do better, be better, yet you’re not really sure how to get there.

So this website, blog… is for you. I want to answer your: “what if…”, “how do I…”, “where can I…” and other questions. Check out other blogs, resources, ask a question on the forum, add to other’s comments there, contact me, or read my book (which I’m still writing). Let me know your questions, fears, doubts… whether it’s about your relationship with God, leading, developing yourself or a more personal thing. I want to help you, so you feel heard, supported — you are not alone.

Older leaders, I know you are busy people. I know you want to help those you’re mentoring and working with, you love and believe in them so much. But you don’t have loads of time to create resources, find a good book/ website/ blog/ YouTube Video … God’s word to me was to help “them” –that includes you too. So if there is something that you’d like me to post here to help you with your specific situation… I want to help you. (And if you want it, we know others will also appreciate it too).

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what God and we have in store for this site, blog and book as I co-create and partner with Him and each of you.

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