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The Bible Project new App

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, with their ever-growing fantastically creatively gifted team, continue to bless us with more excellent resources. Therefore I can now highly recommend The Bible Project's new App. At the start of this year, they launched The Bible Project App. And with it a modern way of reading the bible using the original structure. So my friend Debbie decided to gather a group of us to

BibleGateway.com – my website recommendation for July

My website recommendation for July is BibleGateway.com. I thought I would partner my book recommendation of the month with my go-to bible website. I use BibleGateway regularly, especially when I'm trying to reference a phrase I'm thinking about and see how particular verses are different in other bible translations. What does BibleGateway have on their website: Read the bible.  Reading Plans - There are many different options provided of who

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ESV Journaling Bible & Rooted: Bible in a Year – books for the month

My book recommendation for July is actually 2 books because one helps me with the other. I can't believe I haven't already recommended for you to read the Bible! Thee most important book for all Christians to be reading regularly, if not daily. I have chosen the ESV Journaling Bible to recommend to you as this is the one I've recently bought. The other book (journal) is called Rooted: Bible in a

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#18 Things to consider when preparing to lead a bible study. Part 1 – Context, purpose and the leader’s role.

Many of us have been part of bible study groups or have been one of the sections we did at youth group. But what are the things we have to consider when preparing to lead a bible study?   What have we actually been asked to lead? Most groups have other parts to the group time together. How you welcome and start off your time together. How much social,

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February’s website – The Bible Project

The Bible Project Tim and Jon's vision behind the Bible Project is: To help people see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus. They are brilliant at crafting little animated videos to bring to life every book of the bible, key themes and words which help us understand God's word to us like never before. Over the years they have worked with others to translate many

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