Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, with their ever-growing fantastically creatively gifted team, continue to bless us with more excellent resources. Therefore I can now highly recommend The Bible Project’s new App.

At the start of this year, they launched The Bible Project App. And with it a modern way of reading the bible using the original structure. So my friend Debbie decided to gather a group of us to join her in using this new tool to be our way of reading / journeying through the entire bible this year. Which is an answer to prayer for me.

So how does the App work?

The Reading Journey

It’s based on how the bible was originally organised in literary blocks to be read aloud, just like a symphony has different movements within it. Thus Tim and Jon have named the literary blocks Movements. 

Each movement is one of these literary blocks and you can choose how long you (or your group) would like to take to cover it. As it’s more than only reading the chapters within the movement.

Level 1

A familiar great little video giving an overview of the book and how the movements are broken up / a summary of that particular movement’s theme. (With a little quiz at the end)

Level 2 

Usually 2 podcasts (averaging an hour each) go deeper into the theme. Then, again, a short quiz to finish.

Level 3

A blog post brings another layer of depth to the theme/movement section. Ending with a quiz.

Level 4

Three more podcasts, averaging under an hour, peel back deeper layers revealing more excellent observations and insight into the theme/ movement.

My thoughts about Movements

It’s a bit of an adjustment compared to other complete bible reading methods. So in total, you’ll need around 6-8 hours per movement. Our group’s decided to read the chapters and do at least Level 1 before our fortnightly gatherings. Depending on my other commitments, I usually have time to finish levels 2+3 (as I like to make tones of notes in the margins of my journaling bible as I read and listen). But others find they can finish level 4 as well. We then have a great time discussing and sharing what God’s highlighted to us while studying. It’s refreshing to hear all their comments and what God’s doing in us through this journey. Having a bi-monthly interval gives us time to read and a deadline to do as much as possible. 

So far, only three movements have been published, with Movement 4 coming soon. I’m praying God continues to enable them to bring the excellent quality and depth we’ve come to expect and savour from this gifted team. I’m not sure we’ll get through the whole bible in a year, considering we’re still in Genesis and it’s mid-Feb. But I don’t mind as it’s a journey I’m thoroughly enjoying.

If you don’t want to / or have time to take up the App’s new reading journey, perhaps these other bible study options would be of interest.


In the Skills section of the App, there are 3 other ways to try.


They are similar words, images and themes woven together to form patterns spanning Genesis to Revelation. Those featured in the Reading Journey, or those related to Genesis, are currently available. Which I assume will grow as more Movements go live.


Throughout the bible, we find different literary styles used. For example, Poetry, Narrative and Prose Discourse. Here you can learn how to recognise a style and understand it from the original readers’ understanding—thus being able to then relate it to our lives today. 


As we know, the Bible isn’t structured like any other book we are used to reading today. So to understand more about why and how it’s written and the meaning given within the order… we need to improve how to recognise the different structures and see how it brings the whole storyline to life. So far, there are five studies available under this section.


The App includes reading the Bible in the Thought-for-thought translations of NIV and NLT. As well as Word-for-word versions of Amplified and NASB translations.

You can even choose between the traditional, Hebrew and Storyline structured ways for the Old Testament. And Traditional, Chronological and Storyline systems for the New Testament. 


Arranged just like you’d see on the website – all their video’s are available to search and watch. From Recommended (the Level 1 ones from the Movements); How to read the Bible; Themes; Book Collections; Word Studies; and Visual Commentaries.


Again, just like on the website. Where you can explore by series (e.g. Genesis Scroll), or so, so many more.

Additional (new) resources available on their website:

Small-Group Bible studies 

The latest edition out is Abraham and Melchizedek. While my small group was going through Movement 2, I wondered what Tim would share about Melchizedek, but in the podcasts they shared, we didn’t have time for everything and continued with the theme. But I was glad to see a video specifically on this (and now I see there’s a more extended study too—for another season, I think).

But it’s great to have more resources available to continue exploring some of the themes we’ve already covered in the Movements. (e.g. Holy Spirit—Movement1; The Tree of Life—Movement 2). 

Other studies available are Royal Priests of Eden, Exile, The Tree of Life, Holy Spirit, The Covenants, God and Heaven & Earth. 

Reflections Bible Study 

These bible studies launched during 2021

2020 was where Bible Project published their Church at Home Bible studies – which was a fantastic way to give a speedy resource response during COVID. 


There are loads of blogs available, which is fantastic! If you’ve ever wondered how they take their study notes and make them into a video or podcast – then you’re in luck – they even have a blog on that very topic: https://bibleproject.com/blog/study-notes-for-the-bible/


If you’ve not heard of The Bible Project yet – today is a great day! If you have, then you’ll know why I’m highly recommending this as one of the best bible resources out there today. Tim and Jon’s goal of “Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus” are firmly giving more than what they’ve promised.

I am continually blown away at the quality and depth of insight The Bible Project have produced since 2014. They’re passion for God’s word and to help everyone anywhere have access to these excellent resources for free. Yes Free! Showing how to use technology, creativity and hard study partnered with God’s Spirit to bring God’s word to life is WOW!

Therefore I can’t more highly recommend a bible app or resource to you. Thank you for The Bible Project – WELL DONE and THANK YOU!

So if you’ve been blessed by The Bible Project – why not bless them by giving a little to help fund them to continue. Here’s the link to go do it now 🙂   https://bibleproject.com/give/

Thank you to everyone in The Bible Project team for saying yes to God and allowing God to use your talents to be such a vast blessing to the Kingdom and world. Looking forward to seeing what God gives you to share with us and may many more discover your resources so they can get to know God and His word deeply.

I mentioned I’m loving making extra notes in the wide margins of my Journaling Bible – if you’d like to know more about this check out my blog recommending Journaling Bible recommendation