#27 Can leaders care too much?

I used to think the answer to this was no—no way! Leaders need to care, have compassion… But over this year, I'm learning that the wiser answer to this question - can leaders care too much, is YES, in particular ways we can. Here's why. If you don't know, I lead a part-time Basic Leadership Practicum (BLP) school in YWAM Burtigny. It's a 2-year school with students (aged 18

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ELLC – European Leaders Learning Community

My website recommendation for February is YWAM's ELLC - European Leaders Learning Community. I am thrilled to share this website with you as I know many of the leaders involved and the many resources it already has. ELLC is aimed mainly at YWAM'ers in Europe, but the wealth of wisdom and knowledge in the area of leadership and beyond is highly valuable to anyone wanting to develop their leadership

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Why this title, this site?

Who me? a leader! God sometimes surprises us when He chooses to speak about something big. While at a big worship event in Scotland, enjoying worshipping with some of my worship leader hero's when suddenly I saw a young woman standing in front of me. (She wasn't literally in front of me but as a vision in my mind). Her leader was asking her if she would be up

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