My website recommendation for February is YWAM’s ELLC – European Leaders Learning Community.

I am thrilled to share this website with you as I know many of the leaders involved and the many resources it already has. ELLC is aimed mainly at YWAM’ers in Europe, but the wealth of wisdom and knowledge in the area of leadership and beyond is highly valuable to anyone wanting to develop their leadership and teams.

Each month focuses on a particular theme where the live discussions and articles posted all related to. This months is – The transforming power of coaching & mentoring. But don’t worry you can see all the previous month’s and other resources added by clicking on the resource button.

There are three main areas in the site: Connect, Equip and Resource. Each containing subcategories covering all the bases and so much more.

  • Connect:

    • Leadership Lounge, live every 2nd Wednesday each month, where they interview a leader experienced in the theme from around YWAM. (These were started at our YWAM Europe gathering last year in Prague and were a great success, so I’m glad they have continued a version of them here).
    • Drop-in discussion (takes us deeper into the month’s theme)
    • Mentoring – sign up to connect with an experienced YWAM leader for input into your life or ministry area.
    • Coaching – again you can sign up to receive one on one support from a training YWAM coach.
    • Debriefing – regular debriefing is so important, whether to process a season or a specific event.
  • Equip:

    • LDx Talks – engaging 10-minute talks (there is already 17 available in the archive)
    • Articles – Two theme-related articles are posted here monthly, but many more are available in the resource section.
    • Round up – fantastic summaries of what’s been discovered during that months’ theme
    • Leadership Training – YWAM does incredible training across the world, here’s where you can find out which leadership related schools are happening where and when. (Several of them I have not only done but help to staff as well).
    • Events and Conferences – looking forward to when more of these will happen in person again, but for now a few are being held on-line. (Check back regularly for more information.) Most are for YWAM’ers but check if you can join as a friend.
  • Resouce

    • Articles & Media – an ever-growing collection of articles, video talks and discussions
    • Books – recommendations from leaders
    • Teachers & Speakers – here is a directory of approved suggested teachers and speakers for your schools and seminars. Search and filter to find great people for your specific needs.
    • Assessments – tools to help us and our teams learn to work together effectively.
    • Links – they have taken the time to look at hundreds and selected the best ones for us to glean from. Including websites, blogs & podcasts
    • Archive sections from the above areas so you don’t miss anything that’s happened.

This website caters for those who want to:

    • Watch leaders discuss important leadership topics.
    • Read articles/blogs to slowly take in subjects they want to learn more about
    • Need help and inspiration to process and learn what leadership is about in training, ministry and so many other areas
    • Watch live chats so they can ask their questions

The website will continue to grow as more resources and wisdom are added almost daily. If you didn’t know about YWAM or any of their exceptional leaders and passion for God and missions – then this website will help you discover so much more.

They also have a private Facebook group and @europellc Instagram account to keep us up-to-date on what’s happening and being discussed.

YWAM – Youth With A Mission – is an international interdenominational Christian missions organisation movement started 60 years ago. The heart value is to know God and make Him known.