My next website recommendation is for Canva. If you need some graphics or want to create your own card, book, flyer….. But don’t know how to do any of it. Then no worries – Canva will become your new friend.

What is Canva?

8 years ago, Canva launched with the vision to be:

“an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.”

Today they are in 190 countries, available in 100 languages and have more than 2000 employees. More than 7 Billion designs have been created, and there’s over 60 Million MAU’s (which I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds tremendous.)

What are their goals?

  • Make complex things simple
  • Set crazy big goals and make them happen
  • Be a force for good
  • Empower others
  • Pursue excellence
  • Be a good human

These are high promises they’ve stated. But I feel empowered because I can create designs that I never thought I’d be able to do. And I appreciate they want to help me make those random ideas in my head into reality. Yeah!

What can they help me with?

There are 5 main sections to work with:


From Social Media posts, video’s, anything I’d like to print, invitations, website banners and even zoom backgrounds. Whether it’s for fun, work, marketing, studying… They have ideas to help you design something beautiful. 


Not sure where to start? Then begin with an already created one. Their templates are FANTASTIC. So many ideas to take inspiration from or personalise to make your own. The options are literally endless. 


Free photos, icons, sized perfectly for specific end-use – from business cards to social media posts and so much more. Like, for example, helping you make your own Brand Kit. 


Free little videos take you through the steps of understanding the what and then the how-to actually create. Helping us all understand marketing, design, business while evolving your initial idea into a professional reality. In addition, there are tutorials and courses you can take to help you improve in vital areas of design.


The free version is excellent, so no worries if you want to keep things simple and free. But the added features in the Pro make it worth the reasonable monthly (or annual) cost. If you’d like to resize your creations, have a transparent background or want more free photo’s, graphics, share with team members and have way more cloud storage space. It is worth the investment. They also have special rates for Education and non-profits. 

Why am I recommending Canva?

I need to create a variety of visuals, from social media, training materials, for my website, my personal plans, and so much more. You don’t have the money or time to buy expensive programs and learn how to use them. I love having templates and thousands of designs to inspire me. I need to learn more about the whole digital creative world. And I can easily save, file and download my creations and works in progress with ease. 

If any of these things sound like what you need – then give Canva a go. You won’t be disappointed. But you will lose time as you immerse yourself in creating your own designs for whatever you can think you’ll need them for. 

Thank you, Canva, for thinking of us, those who see beautiful designs and want to bring an idea out of our heads for others to enjoy.