The website’s owner, creator of Relational Fundraising in an amazing woman Terry Sherman.

Terry has been a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1982. YWAM requires all participants and staff to financially and prayerfully support themselves. The resources, wisdom, and encouragement found in Relational Fundraising come from Terry’s years of experience on the mission field. She’s met a lot of young people struggling and thriving to follow God’s call on their lives. This website is the fruit of her passion and labour to help many of her fellow missionaries not only raise the finances they need but build a healthy relational support system.

There are many questions about how to actually create this. Terry is excellent in providing those answers through her online training, workshops, blogs, message boards and other materials.

What’s on the website:

The Training

  • Online Support Raising Course
  • 3-day workshop
  • Feedback support and workshop testimonials

The Resources:

  • A massive bonus – Terry gives us access to her Dropbox of Fundraising resources – this is HUGE! (She also has a few other languages, which she’s happy to provide you with links to if you message and ask her). For example:
          • Financial integrity
          • Making a presentation
          • Kingdom views on money
          • Examples of brochures, monthly support letters, 
          • Tips on newsletter writing
          • Her workshop workbook
          • How to create a vision statement
          • Bible study funding
          • Budget help
  • Some of her articles are posted here, as well as links to other platform’s articles.
  • Several books and websites she recommends for your continued learning on relational fundraising.

News –

Zoom Relational Fundraising Workshop: 15-19 March

If you’d like to attend this workshop, please click here to apply It costs €50 per person or €85 for a couple.

More excellent news and links to other articles she’s found on the web to help us in this area are available too.

Patience’s thoughts:

I’ve rarely met anyone who actually gives away all their resources happily to help others develop in the area they are passionate about. The resources available are excellent, quality, and relevant to all the questions and needs you have regarding building your own relational support network.

Moreover, Terry is happy for you to drop her a message and ask her questions. Her message board is open welcoming others to share their experiences and ideas so we can all continue to grow and develop in this area.

As a leader of young leaders just starting out on their missionary journey, one of the hardest things is developing a healthy support system. It’s new, scary and out of many’s typical comfort zones. Therefore Terry’s materials and encouragement are an answer to prayer.

Terry, thank you for doing all this hard work over the years. Passing on your wisdom and insights to help all, not just those starting out, to develop their personal support systems in a Godly way.


Relational Fundraising has its own page where others post ideas, questions and suggestions. Plus get encouragement from others too 😉

Please note:

Terry has created these materials to be a blessing. In short, please don’t take advantage of her. Give her the credit and God the glory. Terry’s work is copyrighted and all rights are reserved, so do respect this.

If you would like to know more about YWAM, please click: YWAM or check out my YWAM recommendation blog