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#38 Advent 2022

The Christmas season is here again. Whether we've been eagerly counting down the days or surprised by the sudden appearance of Christmas trees in stores. This year I wanted to avoid getting pulled into the modern and very commercial rush that stresses many out. I slowed down a little this year to give my life some margin space. I have enjoyed the calmness it's brought me. So I'm taking

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#37 Why knowing our true identity is so important

As you may know, I started this website and blog as part of my expression to obey what God has asked me to do—to help encourage and equip new leaders and their local leaders. Here, I share topics God has put on my heart whilst working on my first book in this Who me a leader series. This book looks at being a leader from the inside out. The

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#36 Commitment

I've just come back from my niece-in-law's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend full of different gatherings so both sides of the family and friends could meet one another. Although a wedding brings two people together to commit to one another for the rest of their lives. It's also a joining of two families. These families are unique as they are scattered worldwide and haven't met much during covid.

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#35 If you are struggling, what could you do to help yourself?

When I asked God this morning what He would like me to write about today. The thought that immediately came to mind was, what do I do when I'm struggling to help me get through it, not just live with it. So if you're struggling today, I hope what you read below will be what you need at this time.  We all go through times when it's tough for

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#34 Things to consider to help you finish well

Over the past few weeks, several of my BLP (Basic Leadership Practicum) students have been finishing their time with us. Some will continue to be staff with YWAM here in Burtigny; others are moving to a new country.  When an end date is approaching, or you've decided to finish what you are doing and move on to something new, you move into a transition phase. A place of limbo

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#33 How do you pray for Ukraine?

Over the past week, many of us have heard and seen countless social media postings and news reports about what's happening in Ukraine. Of course, as Christians, we want to pray for all those affected by this horrible situation. But how do you pray for Ukraine and everyone involved in a Christ-like way? So whether you are praying alone, with a few folks or a bigger group. I hope

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#32 How can we show grace when it hurts?

Recently I had the opportunity to show/ give grace to people in situations where I would have partly been totally justified to say no, enough. But it's painful and they need to feel my pain! So how can we show grace when it hurts amid our pain response to someone else's decisions? What is grace? To describe grace, I would say it's receiving something we don't deserve/haven't earned. Or

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#31 Sadness and joy – can they live in partnership?

As you may or may not know, I experienced great sadness and shock on Boxing-day morning. When I found out that my Dad had died from a heart attack. This may not have been as much of a surprise to medically minded people as it was to my sister and I. My Dad - Archie Marshall, was 82 and had several health issues. But the finality of death means

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#30 What are my values?

Each of us has values, whether we realise them or not. Often they are ones we've learned from our parents or ones we've consciously decided to have because of something we've experienced. So take a moment to think—what are my values? What are values? Maybe you are wondering what values actually are. A value is something you hold as important, worth more than something else, or set as a

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#29 What does Advent mean to you?

When I was praying in November about what topic to work on next with God, I realised Advent was fast approaching, and now was the perfect time to prepare a special time of Advent for this year. For a lot of the world, the word Advent is only associated with the Advent Calendar. At this time of year, we begin the count down to Christmas with a daily reward

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