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Canva – my website recommendation for all things creative

My next website recommendation is for Canva. If you need some graphics or want to create your own card, book, flyer….. But don’t know how to do any of it. Then no worries - Canva will become your new friend. What is Canva? 8 years ago, Canva launched with the vision to be: “an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything

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My website recommendation for July is I thought I would partner my book recommendation of the month with my go-to bible website. I use BibleGateway regularly, especially when I'm trying to reference a phrase I'm thinking about and see how particular verses are different in other bible translations. What does BibleGateway have on their website: Read the bible.  Reading Plans - There are many different options provided of who

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Worship – website for May

My website recommendation for May is Worship  This website is primarily for people who love Christian worship and worship leaders. What does this website offer? Songs: Organised into Free, Popular, new, recently added and favourites. It's an easy way to keep up-to-date with great new songs from all over the English speaking world. Worship Together have highlighted their top 5 to 25 songs for a certain amount of

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My website recommendation for April is Created by NERIS Type Explorer, who are passionate about helping us learn what drives, inspires and worries different personality types to build more meaningful relationships. Many of us may be familiar with the older form of four-letter personality type descriptions used by Myers Briggs. Still, we may not have taken their official test as it is a paid product done only with trained

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March’s Website – Relational Fundraising

The website's owner, creator of Relational Fundraising in an amazing woman Terry Sherman. Terry has been a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1982. YWAM requires all participants and staff to financially and prayerfully support themselves. The resources, wisdom, and encouragement found in Relational Fundraising come from Terry's years of experience on the mission field. She's met a lot of young people struggling and thriving to follow

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ELLC – European Leaders Learning Community

My website recommendation for February is YWAM's ELLC - European Leaders Learning Community. I am thrilled to share this website with you as I know many of the leaders involved and the many resources it already has. ELLC is aimed mainly at YWAM'ers in Europe, but the wealth of wisdom and knowledge in the area of leadership and beyond is highly valuable to anyone wanting to develop their leadership

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For all of you who love to lead worship or have your personal worship times… My September Website of the month is are dedicated to helping musicians of all abilities play their favourite songs through a range of helpful features. Plus find songs long forgotten or hot off the press. The spectrum of genres is impressive from heavy metal to country, Bethel to your grandmother’s favourite old hymns.

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My website recommendation for August is One Thing Alone Ministries. Created by Asheritah Ciuciu, whose passion is to help everyone, especially women, find their joy in Jesus. “Whatever you do today, make time with Jesus your one thing alone.” My most important relationship in life is that with my Heavenly Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have encouraged many of you to go deeper in your personal

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July is the month about getting to know yourself better. Therefore my website recommendation for July is i.e. Spiritual Gifts Test The website is straightforward to look at - not many graphics or colour, but it delivers what it promises. Jeff Carver created the site after God put on his heart to help fellow believers be good stewards of the gifts He’d given them. If you’re new to thinking about

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Goodreads – June’s website of the month

My website recommendation for June is I add links to Goodread's in books I've picked to recommend to you because it's a fantastic site to find out more about not just a particular book but many books which are hidden gems. Goodreads have done a great job in providing a variety of useful pages and tools to satisfy even the most avid reader. From being able to create

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