July is the month about getting to know yourself better.

Therefore my website recommendation for July is spiritualgiftstest.com i.e. Spiritual Gifts Test

The website is straightforward to look at – not many graphics or colour, but it delivers what it promises.

Jeff Carver created the site after God put on his heart to help fellow believers be good stewards of the gifts He’d given them.

If you’re new to thinking about having or using the Spiritual Gifts, then this website will help you learn the necessary information.


The Test

There is a test option for Youth – which is a wise distinction for younger people who may not have had the same opportunities to try some of these areas out before. Thus alter your results. 

For a group or church that want more people to take the test and thus have the group’s leaders receive their people’s results – this is also an option.

After taking the free Spiritual Gifts test, you will be emailed a simple table of your results in the order you have as your spiritual gifts. It’s good they have added a “Range” column to give you an idea of what’s High, Average and Low for you. 

My results weren’t too much of a surprise from a similar text I took years ago. 


Other Resources

The website caters well for churches and groups who want to use the resources available for their groups by making the following available:

  • Downloadable a PDF version of the test (for specific users)
  • Personality Assessment – to see how your personality and spiritual gifts work together (costs $15)
  • Introduction to Spiritual Gifts
  • Definitions and Descriptions of each of the 15 spiritual gifts (which is excellent)
  • Books and study guides to buy
  • Online Courses – e.g., Gifted by Grace
  • A Spiritual Gifts Table (which groups the 15 into four sections of Serving, Foundation, Revelatory and Manifestation Gifts.)

Plus if you subscribe to their website newsletter, you’ll receive a PDF study guide a bonus 🙂

Thanks, Jeff, for taking the time and effort to create this site to help us all grow our understanding and abilities in the things God’s gifted us with spiritually. Click here to go to his other website jeffcarver.com for his entrepreneur side.