My website recommendation for June is

I add links to Goodread’s in books I’ve picked to recommend to you because it’s a fantastic site to find out more about not just a particular book but many books which are hidden gems.

Goodreads have done a great job in providing a variety of useful pages and tools to satisfy even the most avid reader. From being able to create and share with friends your 2020 reading challenge goals to create your own virtual bookshelf with books you want to read, are reading or have read or by whatever you want to call a particular bookshelf – there is always room for more books and ways to sort them – in the My Books page.

The Browse section enables you to:

  • browse books Goodreads recommends based on your bookshelves and ratings of other books.
  • vote for books nominated in the Choice Awards genre categories and at each stage of the competition – will the book you voted for be the winner?
  • Check out all the New Releases they recommend for the 12 genre’s Goodreads has selected for that month
  • Then there’s a great page for those who like lists – Listotopia. Create your own book recommendation lists and get out the 1,000’s of others from Emma’s dramas to forget your troubles to the ‘Best books ever!’ You can even vote if you agree with their list.

The Community section creates a virtual world to connect with other book lovers

  • Create or join other reading groups or book clubs – discuss with them what your reading or sugest books to read together
  • Follow your favourite authors – even ask them a question, and they will reply back. Plus you can see other’s questions and answers.
  • Have fun with the Trivia questions, which are apparently never-ending!
  • You can even add your own stories, read others and leave comments in the Creative Writing area.

If you’re thinking of buying a particular book or looking for a good book in a particular category. Goodreads is the one site you must check out. The comments left by readers are very helpful, there are links to where you can buy the book – or even the nearest libraries where you can borrow it.

Such a great resource for all readers or those who’d like to read more but struggle to find books they actually enjoy so want to make good choices before parting with actual money.

Thank you Goodreads, for taking the time to think of all types and ages of reader. I love the extra tools and ways to search for books you have no clue what you really want but just want a great book to get lost in or help you develop through.