My book recommendation for May is Danny Silk’s Book Culture of Honor – Sustaining a supernatural environment.

The book explores how Danny and the Bethel leadership created their environment of “creating a culture that hosts the presence of God,” which they call a culture of honour. Where they see this key foundational value helped shape what Bethel Church is today.

Danny Silk is part of the pastoral team of Bethel Church – Redding CA. He is also President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose.

“The principle of honour states that accurately acknowledging who people are will position us to give them what they deserve and to receive the gift of who they are in our lives.”

When we honour one another, God and who God has created each of us to be – there is a dynamic which enables God’s presence to not just linger but be cultivated and embraced.
There are five key anointings/ gifting as leaders of apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor and evangelist. When they honour one another unique roles and work together as a team with God, then there is such freedom and fruitfulness that comes.

I love how this book explores what it means to practically give real honour to one another and the partnership and spiritual dynamics which change when we develop these to be part of our culture and identity.
As leaders, we want to cultivate a safe place for our people by giving them room and honour to develop and blossom into their true calling and identity in Christ. Providing our team with more freedom to be who God’s created them to be can make your role as the leader harder, but it gives them to place to reach their full potential and be a greater blessing for us all.

If this concept is new to you, then I highly recommend reading this book and getting The Practice of Honor Workbook to take you deeper in your processing of how to apply these key concepts into your life.

This book will challenge you to re-think and transform your view of what a culture of honour looks like in reality. But will give you so much more in return for your effort to embrace this kingdom mentality.

If you’re a leader who wants to take your team through this whole subject as a teaching series, then I also recommend Danny’s Leadership Track Bundle.

For more information on this book check out review or shop at the Bethel-store-online.