My book recommendation for January is John Maxwell‘s updated version of Developing the Leader Within You 2.0.

Back in 1993 when I was starting out in leadership this book of one of the few which as a Christian leader really covered topic’s I’d never thought about in my leadership development. But were so good to help me see the bigger picture of leadership.

Some of the topic’s I thought John had missed out on (especially Servant Leadership), he’s added into this revised version which I’m really happy to see.

Topics such as Influence; Priorities; Character; Vision; Self-disciple and serving people are all so important to think about as a leader to others but also when we take a look at ourself as a leader on the inside. The first person we’re leading is ourself (which we sometimes forget).

John Maxwell as a very well known, accomplished and gifted leader whose passion for passing on what he’s learnt is gold to all of us no matter our leadership experience. He has many other great books too, which I’m sure will make their way on to my recommendations list in time. But if I had to recommend only one of his, this is it.

Try not to compare yourself to John, the CEO/ Pastor…. as we are not the same as him in many ways. He is American in his approach and doesn’t answer the question of how to personally partner with God while leading. But it’s all so good and the workbook to go along with the book I highly recommend to help you process and take deeper with God what He wants you to take away and apply from this book

For more information on this book – Goodreads is a great start.