This book is now available!

So I can finally tell you how much I love this book and thus highly recommend you read it.

Overview of the book

Each chapter takes a look at 10 different women. For example Eve, Leh, Rahab, Naomi and Tamar. Each woman has a different area of misunderstanding which Mary brings out beautifully.

There are different parts to each chapter.

The woman’s story.

Mary brings to life the highlighted women. Through her masterful storytelling, we can see, feel and understand the heart and thoughts of each woman in glorious heartfelt detail.

Biblical Narrative & context

Next, Mary share’s the context of the woman’s life in the bible. Where she’s mentioned, significant historical events and meanings of why certain words are used. She shares excellent insight into the story’s structure and the deeper meaning the original readers (who knew the culture of that time) would have easily understood.

How it applies to me, women today.

I really appreciate how Mary brings a way through each type of misunderstanding. Sharing how to work through the process to get the healing and truth we need. 


Then to state the ‘Truths about Fully Understood You’ are like declarations that we need to speak out over ourselves. To not just hear nice words but let them sink down deep so our hearts can believe them too.


Lastly, I love that Mary has added discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Great for a small group to delve deeper into the story and relate back to our lives today. I think it’s also vital for us to process with God what else He wants to stay to us in light of what each chapter’s subject brings up in us. To discover what you need to let go of, change or do in response to each chapter.

Contexts this book would be great for.

Bible study groups, woman’s or mixed book clubs, discipleship groups, to name a few. This book is a great way to go deeper into a character in the bible without only looking at bible passages for reference.


There are parts of Naomi’s story I can identify with. I’m still single and with the sudden loss of my Father at Christmas, both my parents are now gone. There are continuing times when I try not to let surprise instances of pain/grief turn into bitterness or negativity.

I love Mary’s encouragement to dwell on hope. How hope brings life that bitterness can’t see. 

The people misunderstood Naomi because she didn’t arrive back in her homeland in the way they had expected her too. She was grieving, not rejoicing. 

In our modern instant world, having a process like working through pain/grief or trauma takes a lot longer than any of us would like. You think you’re fine—good, then a new situation sheds light on another layer of emotion. Others levels of patience and compassion can wain as time goes by—like you’ve had the right amount of time, so difficulties need to vanish. But God’s timing is not our speed.

I’ve felt encouraged and challenged while reading The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible. This is precisely what I need when reading a book like this. I want to thrive—for that to happen, I need to be reminded of the truths of who I am in Christ and help process the things I struggle to see to gain God’s truthful perspective.

Thank you

Thank you, Mary, for putting so much of your heart, spirit and giftings into this book. Women need this book to understand the parts we’ve preferred to stay hidden. And men, they also need this book to help explore parts of themselves that likewise go through these types of struggles too. 

The Misunderstood Women of the Bible is now available in all your favourite book buy places.

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